Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Pre-Bike Meeting.

This was last Saturday morning, my first workout with the TAG group. I went to the informational meeting the Wednesday before and made my decision then to get involved. TAG (Tri And Give) is a joint program between our club and Tri More Fitness where people are trained for a specific triathlon event and their entry fees, minus administrative costs, are donated to local charities helping fellow athletes and kids.

I got involved with triathlon through a training group with my local YMCA. Loved it so much I came back for the fall program. The next year I was invited back as a mentor for Spring/Summer and was brought back for the Summer/Fall as an assistant coach. The next year, last year, I served in the same role for the running program. This year I took off from volunteering to focus on my training but now that my big races are done, I've gotten that itch to get involved with a group again. I get so inspired in these programs. I get excited seeing strength, speed and proficiency but I really get worked up about growth. I love seeing people grow into new friendships, new skills, etc.

So this program runs for the next 10 weeks, culminating in the Treasure Island Olympic distance triathlon. Not a good triathlon if you are ultra competitive and impatient but great for beginners and a good spectator triathlon as well. I plan on being involved for the whole program and depending on when I'm supposed to be in Barcelona, I should be in attendance in the race as well. The group's looking good so far.


  1. I know about buckles, indeed. As well as JJ doesn't give them either. A year without one...I guess it would be less hurting to DNF. But there is no way I am entering this race with a DNF thoughts! Don't you worry, I have a plan:)

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    Having just finished my first 20 mile LSD , I have a new appreciation for you crazy megathoners ( made that word up).

    When I start whimping out at the 20 mile mark, I'll just think about what you must have gone through staring at 80 miles in front of you.

  3. Oh, yeah, and this is what I love about you (I am giving praises this week:)) - that you're always so excited for others around you, and it's so heartfelt! Almost like a little kid, a great one:)

  4. Hey Rick,

    I was looking at the RDL website the other day trying to figure out some kind of crazy plan to get down there, but then my senses came to me. It was a tough day at CCC and makes last years effort all that more meaningful to me. Take care of Olga and may you never be faced with a DNF. It don't feel too good.