Friday, August 04, 2006

Yesterday's Workout

The way up Hawk Hill, the top is there somewhere.

I hate being busy but when I'm not busy I'm bored, whew what to do. But because I was busy I didn't head out for my bike ride until 6:30PM. These days it's foggy and windy at the bridge in the afternoons, brrrr..... It was nice and sunny where I was in downtown but it was dark, cold, foggy and windy at the bridge and the Marin Headlands. Pedaling there was a bit depressing, "I'm headed where?, Why?". But a workout is a workout and it had to be done and the best biking routes are across the bridge. Usually I have my thursday night spin workouts but those have come to an end, now it's just a waiting game until coach M2 finds a new space to hold his classes.

Crossed the bridge and up Hawk Hill, a favorite lookout point for tourists. It was quite foggy and the wind was gusting pretty nicely. One such gust pushed me to the middle of the road, "what the?". As I got near the top a rider in blue passed me like I was walking. Turned out to be Peter the Swede, my friend Ally's husband. He's done with triathlons for the year but stil likes to get out to keep in shape. His friend Adam came a few minutes later and I joined them on their ride. They kept a good pace and I appreciated the company.

Got home in good spirits and ran my heart out. Unlike this past Saturday's bike/run workout, my head was actually on this one. Ate and drank well, no bonking. I hit that run like I was shot out of a cannon. Ran fast on the way out, it was between fast and sprinting. On the return trip I slowed down a bit but was still going at a good pace. Missed the negative split by a minute or so but the last two miles back to my apartment is filled with short hills. I live on a hill. If you know San Francisco, I'm two blocks from Grace Cathedral. When I looked at my time I started laughing uncontrollably. Some guy across the street shook my hand when I crossed because...well I don't know why. Maybe he thought I was laughing at what he was laughing at. Hmmm....he did point to his pocket radio that was blaring some music and giving me the thumbs up sign.

Good workout. My heart rate for the whole run was within 5 to 7 beats of my max. My speed is not quite there yet but the intensity/effort is right on. My 5th gear is within reach, felt it briefly, maybe next week at track.

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