Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Morning

So the swim didn't happen but I got 9 miles of running in. The thought of staying in, drinking coffee, reading the news while the other two got ready was really tempting but the thought of another day of no training was too much. So I got up, grudgingly put my clothes on and I was off. It really was only supposed to be a 10k I got to Crissy Field, my turnaround point, I saw the Nike Women's Marathon training group. About 200 or so runners running in four groups, mostly made up of women. So I thought it would be a shame not to run with them:) Saw a couple of friends, got to a closer view of the bridge and was psyched to get a few more miles in. Boy, I really feel the not working out for three days thing. Felt a little slow out there but a good primer for tomorrow.

On to breakfast, farmer's market and the rest of the day.


  1. Squirt10:39 PM

    Okay...well, since I'm not having any luck getting in touch with you and Cousin Bing...I'm just gonna say it on here.
    To Cousin Bing: Hope you have a safe trip back home with your friend and that you enjoyed your trip with Rick. Heard you got to see the stinky sea lions =D and check out some cool places. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you. Be good and stay away from drugs =P.
    Love, Melissa.

    Back to Rick: GUESS WHAT?!
    I got to drive in the rain today and to 7-11 (around the corner from the neighborhood). It's actually pretty cool. Can't wait til the next time you visit, I can drive you and then you can be spoiled just like you were in the P.I. (well...sort of hahah!)

  2. May be you should join Nike women marathon group - you'll never sleep in again!

  3. One of my favorite racewalking routes is from Ft. Mason to the foot of the GG bridge and back.
    My longest walk to date was only 18 miles , but some of the scenery was awesome.
    I walked from the Ferry Building along the marina water front, across the western side of the GG to Sea Cliff, down to the Cliffhouse, up Fulton all the way to Divisadero, over the the Castro and down Market back to the Ferry Building.
    I definitely prefer the open spaces to the city streets.

  4. You know Olga I'm going to take that into consideration:)

    Steve your 18 mile route overlaps with my favorite 18 mile route. From my apartment, down to Ft. Mason, along the waters edge, past the bridge to Sea Cliff, on through Land End to the Cliffhouse then back to my apartment.

  5. only one more week for Nike women!!!!