Monday, August 21, 2006

On The Road Again

Crunch...Crunch...Crunch...this time the sound of gravel under my trail shoes and not food in my mouth. I haven't run on real trail since my last race but my favorite path is an asphalt trail covered with gravel. It's nice to be back on the workout routine. The Tourist Schedule(late nights, early mornings), coupled with the Tourist Diet(anything goes) has been great but it had to end. Those two would never get me across the finish line smiling. So today I went for a late afternoon run to Aquatic Park, swam for half and hour and ran for another hour. A sweet time and it felt great.

I do however still have in my possession; 2 bottles of Shiraz, 6 bars of chocolate, 2 slices of Cheesecake, a bag of leftover ribs and a bag of assorted cheeses that Bing left for me. It'd be a shame to throw it all away. Ha! right...I'll just promise not to finish it all in one sitting.


  1. go sitting is fine!

  2. bambibo8:31 AM

    Abaw abaw Mang Ecking. Wine and cheese. Im still enjoying the cheese you brought over. Some friends are planning to come next week to visit me in the farm with a bottle of wine. Maybe..just maybe I will share some with them.