Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another One

I am the master of the late start! Yup just like last Saturday, sleeping in and chasing the day. It's now what?...10AM, I've got friends and teammates already 2-3 hours into their ride. This weekend is the Marin Century / Double Century / and Metric Century ride. Lot's of folks doing it, especially the triathletes with late summer Ironmans. I hope they're doing fine, some of them were with me last night at happy hour and the late night grub afterwards:) Those guys, up late, up early. Love em' serious but not overly so. We were joking last night that we hardly go out late nowadays that when we do it we tend to go too far (we the drinking and eating).

It looks like an amazingly beautiful day out there. Headed to the top of Mt. Tam on my bike.

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