Monday, August 28, 2006

The Monday After

All the people I tracked at IMC finished, some took longer than others but all finished. I'm so impressed. While I'll always be in awe with the fast folks it's the ones who gut it out that inspires me the most. Anyway I'm sure getting up this morning for some of them was it's own event:) Ah that sweet, sweet, stiff pain that comes from attempting/finishing something. That's always fun. You know all these guys listed their professions on their application forms so it was on their info page. Had no idea so and so was an attorney, so and so was a teacher and so and so was an optmetrist. Interesting.

CCC 100-mile was also a success and thanks to Lisa Bliss we have some preliminary results. Check it out here, this is as high tech as triple C goes - pretty awesome. Olga's friend dnf'ed however so she never got to pace her 30 miles. I've never met Rob but I wish him the best. The veterans say it's only a matter of time. I have yet to suffer my first DNF (did not finish) but it's always in the back of my mind, it will happen one day...just a matter of time like they say. I just hope that when the day comes it will be for the right reasons. I did see Mike Burke finish though, so congratulations to him. He was part of Olga's crew along with Gail for WS100. Nice guy.

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