Friday, September 01, 2006

On the Trail Again

Jason on Coastal Trail.

So after the TAG workout, some of us went for a longer ride - the real ride. It was just my luck that I went with guys who could climb well. I got worked hard on the hills, good but hard on the quads. Eventually however, with enough time, I was able to keep up with a couple of them. I didn't get faster they just got tired eventually:) Couldn't catch Justin though, just much quicker on them hills. Anyway at the end of this ride as I was enjoying short sprints, this gold colored SUV pulls up next to me. So I think to myself "what now, I hope they're not trying to ask me a question while I'm trying to make this left turn". So I slow down and as I look over I see Jason. He's on the passenger seat yelling something, laughing, then takes off. I meet up with him later at the Sports Basement parking lot. He was out all morning and had yet to go on his 3 hour run, wanted to know if I was game. Sure. An hour later we were off headed toward the bridge.

It was the first time I've run trail since my last race, heck it was the first time I ran with Jason since my last race. Been doing the Triathlon thing - lots of road and asphalt. Sounds like heresy to my trail running buddies. Ahahaha what can I say, I'm a double dipper. Been awhile since I ran those Marin hills and they definitely were kicking my butt but it felt right. We weren't there very long but it felt good to be on the trails again. Sweet sweet trail. By the time I got back into town I was definitely whooped. Jason and I parted ways at Fort Mason. Soon as he was gone I put in a nice long walk, "thank goodness he's gone now I can rest a bit". I distinctly remember thinking the same thing at WS after he finished pacing me:)


  1. I thought the same thing...phew, I can rest now that he is gone. And you rode all day beforehand!

  2. OMG! Look who showed up on the picture! I mean - in the picture - he actually runs 3 hrs?
    :)Glad you dragged him for that long - hope it was that long, right? Did Jason got broader in shoulders? And wearing all the fancy sponsor stuff...
    OK, dude, you're rocking with your training, roads or not. BTW, don't you guys work or something with so much excercising in the middle of the day in the middle of the week? Sheesh!

  3. Oh that's not all Olga, he was the one who dragged me out for a 3 hour run.

  4. Glad to hear that! Now he got no excuses for doing more next week!
    And you better taper. Donald is going to smoke your butt (dude from running and rambling blog).