Friday, August 11, 2006

Bay Swim

Aquatic Park
Swimmer finishing. A nice afternoon for a swim in the bay.

I just shot myself in the left eye with a brand new can of Pledge. Trying to figure out a way to make the damned thing work. Clearly I don't know my way around cleaning products. Ok not true just Pledge. So now I smell like lemon something and my left is not quite right. Ahahaha IDIOT! You might be wondering what I'm doing dusting at 1AM. I think I mentioned this already, I got a cousin and her friend staying with me for one night this week and then 4 nights next week. Between work and working out, the evening has been my only time to clean up.

Anyway the last two days I've been waking up tired and sickly. Feels like I caught a low level bug or something. I say low-level cause it never developed into anything serious, just enough to be a pain. Must be all the stress and late nights.

So I was dreading tonight's workout, not only cause I was feeling so-so but because it was also a swim/run workout. Feeling positive about the run, not happy thinking about the swim. The run to Aquatic Park was enough to make me turn around, felt bad, sluggish, slow,...sickly. I was joining Coach Pedro's Thursday night swim group. I got there late and sweaty, at least it made putting on the wetsuit easier. Some friends say hello, I tell them I have a race in 5 weeks and I've only swam 5 times the whole year - in full confession mode. The body surfing in Boracay Resort doesn't count and neither does the snorkeling. Friends shake their heads and laugh, I get nervous. The majority of the group were doing the long workout. I and four others opt for the short one. No need to break myself on the first week of my 4-week cram session.

The moment I hit the water, the cold water hitting my face, my wetsuit making me more bouyant than I should be, the taste of salt water, seeing everyone else swimming forward...I was on. The problem is really the laps in the pool but I love open water swimming.

Was out for a measely half hour, gassed a few times during the swim but it's a start. Followed it up with a :45 minute run, backpack, swim gear, wet under shorts and all. Felt super. Now I'm back to sickly and sluggish....mortal once again.

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