Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Next Thing

I want to do this race! Fresh off the ultra list, posted by Bram van der Bijl: Raid Aventura

500km, from Montpellier France to Valencia Spain. Hugging the coast you go through Barcelona. I bet it's awesome. Never been in France or Spain, although I am planning to spend a week in Barcelona for my birthday. Anyone with advice on the running scene in Barcelona, please lemme know.

Two things though; expense and timing. I'm already over my budget for vacations this year and the race is in the beginning of June. I plan on running Western States again and if I get in that's at the end of June. Anyway if by December the race isn't filled I will forego my annual family visit to Orlando, Florida and seriously think about entering the race - 800 Euros. If that happens I will spend winter and spring saving up for the trip and I will most likely forego Wildflower Half-Ironman in April. I will put my name in for the Western States lottery anyway.

Dream Scenario. I make it to both races.
Good Scenario. I make one.
Bummer Scenario. I make neither.

But then again this is Northern California...the hills of Marin will always do, for me anyway.


  1. Hello !!!Im from Croatia ljep pozdrav come on my website

  2. Nice counter, all those countries. Unfortunately can't read your site.

  3. we have to do this race....forget the expense...memories for a LIFETIME....

  4. When you hit the lotto, invite me too:)
    Stop looking at girl's ass when biking, man! That's why I don't want to learn to bike - some idiot will ride into me and will kill me! Focus! :)
    And yes, I talk a LOT on my runs! Sorry to take so much time off visiting you. Stuff...sick mind and stuff.

  5. ah yes the lotto, soon...soon:)
    No worries lady, let us know if you are still coming down for the Rio 100M.