Monday, August 21, 2006

And They Are Off

Bing and Iya. French for lunch at Plouf in Belden Lane.

So after 5 days and 4 nights with me in San Francisco, the pair is now in New York. Shucks that would have been nice. Had they left on a Friday I would have gone with them for the weekend. I liked New York even though I was only there once - ran the New York Marathon in 2003. New Yorkers love and celebrate their marathon. Anyway I could spend the whole day in the MET. Which I actually plan to do next time I'm in town, I just have to figure out how to get loose from family and deal with the guilt of not seeing the rest of the city:)

But I digress...the last 5 days felt like one day. Not a moment wasted. Spent a lot of time with them and whatever was left went to getting work done. It was great playing tourist with them. It's great having people enjoy what you love. I love the Bay Area and I'll share it with anyone. Bing can take photos with the best Japanese tourists and Iya can probably outshop a lot of people I know - luckily we kept the shopping part to a minimum.

And now it's back to the usual. I have to cram even harder now for this upcoming race and there's new work to attend to. All good things really. I already know I'm going to get to this race under trained, just doing my best now to keep the suffering down to a minimum come race day:)

For those who are waiting (family, relatives, friends)...yes, yes I will post pictures of their San Francisco trip. Stay tuned.


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  2. bambibo4:39 AM

    Like i told you earlier im green with envy. Hisa gid ko cuz you all seem to be having a good time. and all. We will be awaiting your pixs...Tito Bambi