Saturday, August 12, 2006

You're a Stud Keep Going! Ain't Nothing!

Kim says she talks to herself during her workouts, Olga said the same thing earlier this year, people that responded to their posts also mentioned that they do the same thing. Maybe most runners talk to themselves...maybe to keep themselves company on their runs. I certainly am almost never bored on mine's, except when I am on the treadmill.

Today I had to lay down the law, gentle but firm with myself.
"You are going to get your A** out that door, it's 6PM and the day is almost done. I realize you are tired, you had to drop off cousin and friend at the Oakland airport early, you also didn't get a lot of sleep and have been quite productive shopping for home improvement type stuff at IKEA and Target, but it's time...sure you still feel sickly and you think that this is the workout that will put you over the edge. I tell you what, get your butt out the door and let's see how you feel after 10 mins. If you feel worse we'll go home, no pressure. Just move toward the door, don't forget your backpack! You need the wetsuit that's in there. 20 min run, 1-mile easy swim, 1+run afterwards - yes with backpack, just go slow, it won't kill you."

The first part of my workout was just me motivating myself. Finally somewhere on the swim it all clicked and I was able to concentrate. Whatever this bug is, it's killing my motivation. With my mind finally fully into it, the second half was much better. I feel great now.

Well time for stretching, ice bath, shower and a trip to the store...errr made some deals with myself that I have to make good on.

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