Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

In the line up, ready to go. For the rest of the images click here.

Sunday I was too worn out, too busy to workout. Saturday's brick workout wore me out! Good thing too because a lot needed to get done around the apartment. Got a cousin and a friend visiting next week, need some time to prepare. However Sunday afternoon was reserved for a little fun with the tri gang. Spamsi, our very own club social director was able to get at least 20 people out to the Malibu Grand Prix for some GoKart racing, arcade playing, bumper boat driving (complete with squirt guns), mini-golf and some authentic Mexican food. Well I never made it to mini-golf but I managed to participate in the other activities.

Got my fingers crossed for Bowling for our next social, although I always seem to screw up my left hamstring bowling. Must be a form thing.


  1. -spamsi6:55 AM

    I'm looking into it, I'm looking into it! =)

  2. I love the views you have pictures of...jealous:) Want to get my ass there.