Friday, August 18, 2006

Parking + Cousin Bing + Work

This place is a nightmare if you have a car. Few parking spots, lots of rules and regulations, tow-away zones. Last night I found the sweetest spot. However, this morning I found a ticket in my car. Apparently my wheels were turned the wrong way. It's towards the curb on a downhill and away from the curb on an uphill. Pain in the A**!.

Cousin Bing and friend is back, been with me since Wednesday and they are here till Sunday morning. Rented a car yesterday thru Sunday so we can do the tourist thing. We've been walking lots, catching public transportation but now we have to do things outside of SF. Today for her b-day I got her an early massage and then we are headed to Napa. I've never done the whole winery thing but I heard it's easy, wineries everywhere once you hit highway 29 going north. I have however run past vineyards in past running events. My first run event was a 10k in Sonoma, back then I was worried I would never make it to the finish. 6.1 miles! That's so far!

Anyway workouts have been on hold until they leave. I had this grand plan to workout in the early morning hours while they slept. Anyone who knows me knows this was a plan doomed from the start:) Ahaha ah well...just not a morning person. I haven't given up yet though. Got an early run / swim / run planned for tomorrow morning. Swimming on the bay at 7:30AM, mmm...that just makes me want to get up:). Damn, why did I sign up for this triathlon. It doesn't help that I keep getting more work. I'm slammed and projects keep coming in. I'm like a waiter on a busy restaurant during the work lunch rush....ah that feels like a whole lifetime ago. I'd like to start turning projects away but two words keep coming to mind RAID AVENTURA! Sorry Olga I don't think the lotto thing is going to come through in the near future. I'll have to do it the old fashioned way - work. You know.


  1. -spamsi11:22 AM

    Remember this for parking.. "up up and away" so parking up, turn your wheels away from the curb .. and then opposite if you're down. =)

  2. Yeah, I don't even buy lottery...
    I am pretty sure you'll get up by 6 am and plummet into cold ocean tomorrow by 7:30 am! Let me know if this ever happens:)
    I remember my first 5k and a thought I'll never make it to the finish...I've never gone that far before. Heck, life!
    Enjoy your winery trip, spend less time on blog and more on extra-work you're grabbing, and I'll let you know about Rio after next weekend - I am pacing at CCC, so if I survive 30, I'll survive more. That's the plan.