Sunday, August 27, 2006


So the run after the bike didn't happen because I ran out of time. I only had an hour to eat and get ready before heading out for church. I must have been dehydrated because I couldn't drink enough. I had to excuse myself during communion just to get something to drink and it was still wasn't enough. Nowadays the church community I enjoy is much smaller. Our senior pastor left and a lot of folks left because of it. It wasn't a good parting of ways, a lot of disagreements and some hurt feelings. But the core that has stayed is quite close. A bunch of us went out to dinner again, the usual place - Pizza O. I'm so sick and tired of pizza but I go to hangout and end up eating a ton of pizza anyway. It's great to have friends, to have community, I get that itch scrathed in Triathlon and Ultra and in my Church.

Speaking of which, it's 9PM. Some of the folks I've been tracking have finished, some are on the second half of their marathon run and a couple are still on the first half of their run. Whew what a long day for them but how awesome. I've only done one IM and I've been reliving those memories this weekend.


  1. Rob DNF'd. I feel bad for him. I didn't get to go for 30 so will do it today to determine my RDLK readiness, and let you know this week.

  2. I saw. Lisa Bliss posted the preliminary results. However I did see Mike Burke finish, sweet for him. I hope your run goes well.