Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Grand Canyon

The latest Trailrunner mag has an article on running the Grand Canyon, complete with great photography. Ah the Grand...brought back memories of an amazing run and a great trip. Revisit with me here.

What are my Grand Canyon buddies doing now? Jason is planning to run the Dick Collins 50-Miler in the East Bay to qualify for the Western States lottery. Stephen just recently qualified with a 10-hour effort at an ultra in Oregon - White River 50-Miler? That's actually slow for Stephen. Both Jason and Stephen paced on the last WS and have decided to give it a shot. It's a good race for them since they like point to point races where they don't have to see the same thing twice. And lastly J.P. is tapering/getting ready for Ironman Canada this coming August 27th. He'll have lots of company, at last count about 40 people from our club was doing the race.

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