Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Bing

Cousin Bing
Bing on her birthday, at Tra Vigne in Napa Valley. Having a good glass of red with the setting sun.

Last friday was Bing's birthday and she wanted to spend it in Napa Valley. It was another late start to the day, it runs in the family! There is Filipino time (late) and there is Bing time (super late). Bing time is never earlier than Filipino time. To her credit it wasn't all her fault. Three Filipinos on one schedule...errr good luck.

So after Bing's early morning massage, Peet's coffee and Noah Bagles we were off! We the master's of lateness and I being a most capable representative of the directionally challenged assured for an interesting afternoon. Nevertheless we managed to drive all the way through Napa, visit a couple of wineries, had a great dinner where Bing ran into a friend from home (what are the odds???) and toasted Bing's birthday at a place called Tra Vigne as the sun set in the outdoor patio. Pretty nice. In my 13 plus years in the Bay Area I've never done the wine thing so it was an education for me too.

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