Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rest is on the Schedule

Another night at Kezar Stadium.

So last week I had an exceptional week of training. Slacked very little and got a lot done. During the weekend I worked real hard and hit most of my goals . It was a good weekend but apparently a little too much. Monday I was so tired and sore I took the day off. Today I got back some of my zip but this evening's track workout was downright ugly. I was tired from the first lap to the last. Wow, just sluggish out there. Felt a bit like bonking. I was pretty much on survival mode for the whole workout. The ugliest track workout yet. So it goes, so it goes. I should have known, the past two mornings it's been hard getting up despite a full night's rest. So cutting back on my mileage this week, I'll still get out but will take it easier. Then next week is taper. I'm a big believer in taper. This is probably the smartest thing I can do now with the race only 2 weeks away. I'd rather show up
under-trained and rested than under-trained and tired:) I'm sure you guys would agree.


  1. You've got exactly head on about being undertrained vs overtrained, I learned that one the hard way!

  2. Cross training could be a savior at times...but with triathlon, nothing is x-training, everything is training! Damn! I, unlike you, will be quite undertrained in 3 weeks when I show up...
    Well, take Jason out and go hit on the girls at the local bar:)