Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hardrock 100-Miler

This race is officially the hardest 100-miler in the U.S. There's one that's even harder but it's unofficial and so I won't mention it here. Anyway it takes a decent runner two days to complete Hardrock. The winning time this year was 27:07, compare that to the 18:17 at this year's Western States 100. And if that isn't hard enough, a runner completed a double crossing of the course. Each 100 mile leg was under the 48-hour cutoff time. Still he was out there for over 80 hours! I wonder if he slept at all?

A runner by the name of Klas Eklof shared his photo journal of the race. Amazing jaw dropped when I saw the photographs. Check them out, yours might too.

Klas Eklof Photo Journal

Hardrock 100 Website


  1. Squirt7:32 PM

    Just thought I'd drop by and say, "Hello" before I go to bed. Is your crib squared away for Bing? Anyway, sorry I didn't get the chance to help you with your place while I was there. I promise one day I will help you, but I seem to always luck out, even if it's unintentional. I guess I'm just "too sexy" to work in your place. =P

  2. Squirt7:34 PM

    Your place can't handle this...most definitely.

  3. wow, gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Ain't it. Maybe one day.

  5. I saw those pics of Hardrock. Unbelieveable to be running that!

  6. So Kim, one day you think:) I'd love to check it out even as a pacer.