Friday, February 03, 2006

A Day of Pleasant Surprises

Gifts from Wendell and Sarah from Pacific Coast Trail Runs

Good surprises are fun aren't they, I got four today. Seems like today I am especially blessed. I'll tell you about three of them.

First surprise was a package from Pacific Coast Trail Runs - Wendell and Sarah. They mailed me a running shirt (Dri-Release Synthetic Fabric) and a letter of thanks for volunteering 3 weeks ago at one of their events. I posted a report about it and you can read that post here. I guess they really appreciated the help. I feel bad though, it wasn't entirely an unselfish act. Honestly, I needed the volunteer hours. A race I'm running this summer requires that I perform 8 hours of trail/volunteer work. On top of all this, PCTR gives a free entry to one their events when you volunteer. So basically I got to fulfill my volunteer requirement, receive a quality running shirt (my size too), a letter of appreciation and a free entry to a future race with PCTR. I would also like to add that while I was volunteering I was well fed. Anway a quick word about PCTR, it's a quality organization. Run by trail runners for trail runners. Wendell and Sarah regularly enter races as well as organizing them. Their young son Aaron, himself a runner, is a fixture in the events. They have also done a great job including the non-ultra marathoning community, most of their events offer several distance options.

Second surprise was from my friend Ashley. I got a letter from her filled with pictures from a Triathlon we did together. You should see the envelope and stationery, it's pink with pink roses going around with specially cut edges. It's so cheesy, it's got a girly grandmotherly feel to it. The stationery could double as a doily. So not at all like her. Ash is a rough and tumble kind of kid, the kind of girl that gets muddy and dirty with the boys. Anyway the funny thing is that it was an event from like two years ago. She didn't even take them, she was too busy kickin' my butt. "Oh I won't do well today, I haven't been training" YEAH RIGHT!

Third was an email from a former training partner. It's been over a year since I spoke to Lisa. We started running late 2003 and continued through 2004. She was getting back into marathons then and wanted someone to train with. I knew her from church and we were in the same bible study group. She was a track and cross country runner in college. Our running clicked right away because we found out that we ran a similar pace. No I'm not quick, she just slowed down from her college days. She was the best and our friendship got tighter on those runs. We even ended up running a marathon together. It was a personal best for the both of us. That summer I shared my dream of running my first 100-mile race and completing my first Ironman. She thought I was crazy but supported me anyway. She also listened to all my crazy rants about girls. But in October she found out she was pregnant, had to deal with major issues, we were no longer running and hung out less and less. One day we just stopped talking to each other and that was that. I got tired of her flakiness, not sure what it was for her on her side - one day became a week, weeks became months....until tonight. I was out training and when I got back there was her email complete with a photo of her son, now 8 months old. Crazy....I have been thinking/wondering about her. Next month she's going to marry the father of her child. I wish them the best.

So all this in one day, one would have been enough but I got four. Sorry I can't share about the fourth, if it makes you feel any better it's nothing as great as the ones I've already shared. Wow now I'm inspired to reach out pay it forward.

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  1. What a great day...and you volunteering is not really a selfish act....whether you need trail volunteer hours or not! PC Trail Runs is a great organization!