Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Conversation with Mom

Mom: Hey I've been following your blog and oh I like those
places you run in.

Me: Oh nice. Yeah it's great out there.

Mom: Why didn't you ever take me there?

Me: err...Well some of those places you have to hike in to.

Mom: You know what though, some of those places look desolate...
I mean there's no people there, doesn't look safe. I think you need
something to protect yourself.

Me: Desolate? huh...what?...

Mom: There's no one out there.

Me: Oh there are people there; hikers, mountain bikers,
picknickers, there's people...

Mom: I think you need to carry know for the
animals and people.

Me: Huh? No, there's people there and it's safe for the most part.
If I was a girl I wouldn't be venturing out there by myself but I'm a
dirty smelly guy.

Mom: I still think you should carry MACE. They have models that are
small enough, they fit nicely in your palm.

Me: I'll pass. Seriously no MACE.


  1. MACE...I love it. Your mom is great! Now, why didn't you take her to any of those places?

  2. I guess I'll have to now:) Next time she visits.
    The last time she was here we went to Tahoe, she loves Tahoe; the mountains, the lake, the casino's...