Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another Great Weekend!

Summer in February

Wow another great one. We are having a bit of summer weather here in San Francisco, a week's worth so far in the middle of February. Everyone is stoked well maybe not the skiers, snowboarders and the ski resort industry. We'll be back to that soon enough. A guy we were running with today had his flight to New York cancelled because of snow storms, yikes.

Anyway stories and pictures to follow. Let's just say I'm darker, my legs are wobbly, the freezer is less full and the bar across the street has more of my money.


  1. Love this day I might move, if I win a million.
    Don't spoil your local bar, they may get used to it. How much tanner can you be? We have a cold front coming up after 10 days of sunshine, eww, I was hoping this is spring and we fooled the Mother Nature. And I don't want to remember the misery of living in NY...

  2. I think that same cold front from Canada is coming our way too. Oh well it is February after all.

  3. A beautiful picture of the bay area. I take it from reading comments from Olga that you must be running Western States this year.

  4. Hi Rob, yes it would be my first. I'm a two-time loser of the lottery. Last year I did run CCC 100, I think you also did that event?