Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Anti-Valentine's Day Dinner

Anti-Valentine Dinner
Mmmm....good home cooked food!

What a great idea. This day last week a friend from church decided to hold an anti-Valentine's day dinner for all his single friends (he's engaged). I certaintly am not against Valentine's day but I am enthusiastic about spending time with friends over good food and a glass or two of good red vino. More power to our couples I say, but we singles can celebrate too!

Dinner was at 7PM followed by a movie - Aliens 2, no romantic comedies for this group. Hahaha it was great. Brandon had a projector and projected the movie onto the living room wall, he even brought his own speakers. We had about 12/13 people. It's kind of crazy though when I think about it. Besides Brandon everyone there was single; successful, young, active, Christian men and women. An outsider looking in would say, "well, why don't they hook up with each other?". Heck I'm saying that, "why don't these people get together?". Truly a mystery. Don't look at me, I was just there for the food and entertainment.

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