Saturday, February 18, 2006

60 Posts and Going

You know when I first created this blog it was originally going to be all about my running and triathlon stories, that's why the web urls says "365ultra", in reference to the sport of ultra-marathoning. I quickly realized however that I would alienate the very people I created the blog for, my family and relatives. You see they don't exercise. Sad but true. So I changed my mind and decided it was going to be a blog about me as a whole and that's why the site is titled "365me". That said looking back it seems like all I've been writing about is running, biking and how beautiful the bay area is for training. How much more of that can you guys take, how many more pictures of the bay can you see? I mean I love it, like a father loves a child he can't get enough of but I don't expect the same for everyone. So from here on out I will endeavor to balance all my running/triathlon stories with...well other stories. Starting right now.





ok I guess we're done here.


  1. hmm... what can I say?

  2. nice try....and definitely an A for effort.