Tuesday, February 14, 2006

To Muir Beach and Back

Shot of Rodeo Beach, looking back towards San Francisco.
Journey with me to Muir Beach.

You know endurance sports is truly an excercise in patience. Training with patience, building slowly and surely. You can never really rush these things. It is true however that the more experienced you are the faster you are able to build up. There are changes that doesn't go away after an extended period of rest. That said I finally broke the 31-Mile/50k mark with a run of 32-34 miles this past Saturday. It was great to be back in Marin! Ramping up faster than in past years. The spin classes and weight training in addition to the runs has really helped.

So journey with me on my long run to Muir Beach and back. Got a few photos with notes attached. It was a late start as usual, still had a pillow head as I left the house at 11:30AM :). Ran into some friends on the trail, even ran with some ultra-marathon gals who were out on their training run. These were folks I recognized from the races. It was another beautiful day and unlike the day before, no fog in the afternoon. It took longer than I expected what with the talking, picture taking and playing with dogs but the end result was the same - me spent and dragging myself back to my apartment. I wasn't the only the only one that was spent however. My mp3 player ran out of power 2 miles from home and my digital camera ran out of juice while my neighbor was taking a picture of my dirty self. Kind of like an "I"m finished" picture. Shucks, maybe next time.


  1. Aww, the pictures remind me of Miwok, that I am going to miss this year...nice running! However, i personally think (not that you should care) ramping up too early with miles is bad. Last year Scott was really mad at me when I did it. You don't want to peak that soon and/or crash and injure yourself. But - to each their own.
    Views are definitely breathtaking!

  2. I love living here!!!

  3. Too much too soon huh. I never feel comfortable until my mileage gets past 30. Then I just kind of maintain and build from there. I'm reading Tim Noakes' The lore of Running right now. I think I may have to cut down on the mileage or ramp up slower.

    It's just so much fun being out.

  4. I thought you're coming to AR to pace me:) Couple of hours? What, you only get to see the first 10 guys coming in?