Sunday, February 19, 2006

Winter Olympics

I am addicted to the Olympics. I can't get enough of it. Earlier today I wheeled the TV in front of the kitchen so I could hear/watch the television while I scrubbed the kitchen floor. Hockey was on, I don't even normally watch hockey. It's so exciting, just something amazing watching these thoroughbreds, champions against champions. Well it's now 45 minutes past midnight and I really must hit the hay. Got a run tomorrow. Going to bed inspired, even though my legs are dead. I've got a case of dead legs, I think I was a little too ambitious last week with that 32/34 miler. Rain scheduled for tomorrow...mmm...mud. I wonder if I'll see Mr. Jason A. tomorrow for that run.


  1. I wonder if you did go for a run and did meet Mr. Jason:) I like watching Olympics, but 10 pm I hit the pillow no matter what. I've got my own Olympics, and theirs is not going to help me:)

  2. ah but that's only cause you like getting up at 5AM.

  3. Yeah, right, I just love it! I never had a diferent life, it's always something, so I don't know what I really like...