Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dear Olga

Jason and I in Tiburon (Angel Island behind us)

While you were out busting your butt at the Hagg Lake 50k today, Jason and I were enjoying a leisurely bike ride on the bay - and we didn't even start until after lunch! Anyway we were thinking about you and the upcoming AR50 race. We would love to pace if you want the company. We were thinking of employing a leap frog method, taking turns every couple of aid stations. This way you won't wear us out too much and we won't need a ride back to the car. Heck might as well get a workout in while spectating.


  1. You two look funny:) Gotta love the bike outfits, they are always colorful!
    Gee, I feel honored! Pacers are allowed from 27M, cool!! That's why two are better than one - the car thing. Can't wait! You wanna come run Rucky Chucky yourself? It would be good for you, WS and all.

  2. Rucky Chucky? Didn't that race fill up just days after opening? I'd love to do it one day but I know it's just really popular with the ultra run community.

  3. You're mistaking it with Way too cool. This race is still open.
    It's good training for WS as it's on the course (Foresthill to river and back)

  4. errr...hmm...whoa you are right lady! I think that weekend is open too! (mind gears whirring) (whirring some more). Okay Iet me verify my schedule.

  5. nice to catch up with you rick, thanks for the updates.