Saturday, February 18, 2006

Aborted Rant

Oh I was just going to rant at how cold it has been the last 2 or 3 days. How running in 45 degree weather has been so cold and how today's temperatures came with rain. It's cold, my face and ears tell me it's cold. I'm actually running with gloves and use my extra long shorts. I was going to go on and on about this until I visited a friend's blog. She had to deal with 18 degree weather and an early morning to boot. I'm not going to name names but if you're a regular on this blog I think you'll know who she is. Rant about the weather officially aborted!


  1. Ranting is never aborted:) It warmed up to almost 30 by 10 am when we finished. Did you post your "WS-24" thingy on a freedge? I'll take 45F any time, I think it's perfect for long runs.

  2. Was I suppose to do that? Ok it'll be up.
    Under 24 hours for Western States.