Friday, February 10, 2006

Dear Olga

Can I link to your "running in the snow" picture?
I'd like to show it to the folks here.
I didn't have your email but I know you visit...hehehe


  1. Sure, shoot!
    Snow is totally great, and I refuse to wear pants:) But it does leave marks on legs forever from crust and frozen bushes.
    You can always get my email from Jas. WS snow wasn't nearely as bad as in the picture, but it provided for slow running. This year will be HOT! Ouch!

  2. squirt9:01 PM

    hey chubby squirt
    whats up?
    anywho, just wanted to say hi, but i gotta go to bed now.
    talk to ya soon!
    oh and i had my interview today...and i was kind of nervous yet excited in a calm way.
    k later!