Monday, February 13, 2006

2005 Presidio YMCA Run Team Reunion

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It was the first and, at least for now, the last organized running group for the Presidio YMCA. Coach Matt had accepted a new position at a fitness club and won't be able to continue coaching the team. Ah well the good times never last forever anyway, time to make new ones. LastFriday night was our reunion/last hurrah.

The location was Coach Matt's favorite date place:), Rohan, a bar/restaurant with a live dj spinning tunes. A little too loud for my taste but it was dark and cozy. I was well behaved if I may say so myself, nursed a glass of red for most of the night until I switched to water. With my long run the following morning I made sure to keep the alcohol consumption down. No greasy appetizers either!

It was great to see the old gang, not everyone made it but that's usually the case anyway. Most of these guys ran their first half and full marathon under the program last year. As a mentor and assistant coach I ran with them during the week and played water boy for them during their Sunday long runs. Sometimes I would join them but I was usually too sore from my long runs on Saturday. Besides who wants to run on all road stuff. Anyway it was a great and fun experience.


  1. hmmmm, maybe Coach Rick? Why don't you take over Matt's place big guy?!

  2. Because then I would never get any training done. Plus it's a lot of road work...yuck who wants to eat road mile after mile.