Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Image appropriated from SFGate.com

The Winter Olympics was a lot of fun and now I'm having withdrawals. No athletes to keep me company at night. Ah well... Life always seems a little bit boring when something great that you're really into goes by. That there is Julia Mancuso, my favorite gold medalist of the games. Not because she's cute or because she's from Squaw Valley, California. It's because she seems like a nice, happy, down to earth girl who kept on fighting despite disappointments for most of the games. Finally on her last event and her best she pulled through. Most inspirational would have to go to Sasha Cohen. She was leading heading into the long program for figure skating. On the first jump she fell and stumbled on the second. I don't know how she did it but she kept her composure and finished strong - ended up with Silver. On the slowmo cam they showed her going down, no change in facial features-none! Game face on all the way down and through the program, damn that's focus. I'll keep that moment in mind when things don't go my way. Julia Mancuso and Sasha Cohen for the 2006 running season!

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  1. I miss them too. They are something, those elites.