Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Real Thing


Ever had fruit rollups? Candy that's supposed to be derived from fruit, comes in flat sheets and stuck on wax or plastic - you pull them out and roll them up. Well this is the real deal. Actual banana's, flattened...mmmm...flat bananas. It's actually not bad good there's no added ingredients. No added sugar, syrup or salt. All natural. I got these at Trader Joe's, these are the guys who also sell dried mangoes that doesn't have added sugar in them. Dunno if I would pack it in a run but definitley a desk item.

They do need a better name for the product though. Something that rolls off the tongue.


  1. Okay, odd question, but why not just flatten some of your own? Wonder if those have other a banana split (just slide them in the sides of the dish - leaves more room for chocolate sauce!!!!!).

  2. Because I think that would be too messy; besides, how do you flatten a banana? In any case they are less than a dollar and will probably survive being dropped a lot better.

  3. Speaking about dried food...I think I'm going to experiment with trail mix on my long runs. Since I stopped using Accelerade I get so hungry out there. Bars get crushed, sandwiches get nasty.

  4. trail mix is a good idea....easy to carry and easy to moderate intake....make sure it has chocolate chips....taste so good.

    Hmmm, the bananas are less than a dollar..cheaper than buying whole ones.