Sunday, January 22, 2006

Camera Test

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So this weekend I got to test out the camera. Saturday I was a volunteer at a trail race in Pacifica. I was at the start/finish line helping with the post race food and later as a sweeper. Sweepers are folks who follow behind the last runner, "sweeping" for trash, taking down marking ribbons and making sure no runner is left on the course.

I love this camera! I had it with me during sweeper duty, it's so light and small I forgot it was in my pocket. Darn thing is also user friendly, it's like the camera for dummies. It warns me when the setting is on the wrong dial, when there isn't enough light and I have to use a flash, and when a picture I took is blurry with the option of deleting the image right away. Pretty sweet. Not all the shots came out great but that was my fault. A great running camera.


  1. nice shot of the mud from behind.

  2. That's how I looked after sweeping Cap Peak last weekend:)
    Bring the camera to AR!

  3. I think we ARE coming. See you there!