Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wet and Happy

2_26_06_Rodeo Beach Run
awwww! happy shiny people on a drizzly day

Now here are some happy folks. No need to see another mug of me but I was definitely one of the happy people. Just like last week J.P. swung by my apartment at 9AM so we could do our pre-run workout before joining the team at 11AM for the group run. Pre-run went really well. It was a bit cold and the skies were threatening but no rain. A good solid workout. Got back to the parking lot 5 minutes to 11 and there were a bunch of folks already milling about. I was positive we were only going to get a handful of people because of the weather and the hilly route but I was wrong. We had 30 people show up! It was great!

Our route took us to the top of a ridge where we took in the magnificient views as we ran along the top. Even though the skies were dark and cloudy it was clear at sea level, no fog. Eventually we came down the other side, ran parallel to the ridge on the valley floor before cutting right again to go back over the ridge and back to the parking lot. It rained on and off during our run but everyone seemed well prepared, shells and hats everywhere. After the run, despite the drizzle, people hung out for snacks and H20 at the parking lot. Afterwards about 12 of us went ahead and had a proper post race meal at the Dipsea Cafe afterwards. Oh it felt great. Nothing like a good butt kicking workout and then hanging out with food afterwards.

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