Friday, February 17, 2006

Golden Gate Triathlon Club Trail Runs


That's a mouthful but yes our Triathlon club has resumed it's weekend trail runs with J.P. Sulpizio at the helm. Our first run was this past Sunday. I was sore and a bit tired from Saturday's run but I wasn't going to miss this one. Last year it was in one of these runs that I met Jason A, J.P. and eventually through them Stephen. I also met Annie who I later became my occasional cycling and running partner. It's a good place to make friends while being engaged in my favorite activity.

We had about 15 people. The options were 4, 5, or 8 miles. I went on the 5 and I was dying on the uphill but regained my composure on the flats and the eventually downhill. Seemed like everyone had fun. Kristin the Swim director was there taking pictures. We even had a guy from MetroSport, a local running store, who came with some electrolyte drinks and GU for some post run refreshments. After packing it up J.P. and I had lunch at the Dipsea Cafe, I'd never been so I was game. Place was packed. Met more of J.P.'s friends, folks from the club who were out earlier doing their own training.

Learned a good lesson on Sunday too. Coming down fast on the last downhill back to the finish, I lost my footing with my right foot. I didn't fall, in fact at the time it seemed like nothing. I caught myself quickly but for a split second there my entire weight moving forward rested on my left leg. I think that little slip strained my left quad, which was already worn out from the day before. I woke up the next morning with a swollen left thigh and an inability to walk without limping, I found this out while making a post office run. Fortunately I'm fine now. After a couple of days rest I was able to resume my training. I imagine it will take a bit longer though before I'm 100% down there. A lesson for the future...don't go hard the day after a long training run, no matter how fun it is. No macho antics of trying to keep up with the lead runners or chasing after the cute girls:)

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  1. And you're wearing tank tops!!!