Saturday, February 11, 2006

Everyone this is Olga

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That's Olga in the center. Yes the one in shorts. In the beautiful Pacific Northwest - Oregon.

After a long and exhausting day I decided to bail on my planned evening run. It wasn't even that long but I was feeling lazy. I had a long run planned for Saturday anyway so I thought it would be fine. Well I was definitely starting to settle in with the decision until I logged on to Olga's site and saw this pic. Doesn't this look fun!!! I was immediately inspired.

So I went out and had myself a great time under a full moon. Even though the fog had returned the evening sky was clear.



  1. Glad you got out and enjoyed yourself. I find it happening often, when I hardly make myself go and then love every minute of it.
    Any goals for WS? Put it on a freedge and get inspired!

  2. Goals for WS...finishing it definitely the top goal, finishing under 24 is second.

  3. bambibo9:10 PM

    For those of us who live on the other side of the equator, the sight of all that snow is like fresh air on a really hot day here in Mansilingan. Ti waay man na natugnawan iya lawas? Basi ma pneumonia siya, hmmm? Your Lola would scream: Abaw ma pasmo ka gani!!

  4. Let me translate that last part of that message:)

    Didn't her body feel cold. What if she gets pneumonia? Your grandmother would scream er...the last part I don't know how to translate, it deals with an old wive's tale of cold water being bad for working muscles.