Thursday, June 01, 2006

Surviving Myself

Strict one drink limit the night before heavy workouts! Well ok two if it's really good stuff and that's it! What was I thinking, I guess I wasn't. Picked up some wine Tuesday night, one my favorites. Last night I had glass as I was doing some writing, next thing I knew I was on 3 or was it 4. It was a perfect night for it, especially with what I was doing. Good thing I was eating while I was drinking. I felt it today. Not so much on the run or the swim but at Spin class. Engine sputtered halfway through. I survived though, even rallied in the end. I just pretended I was at an ultra "this is nothing Rick , just a low point, you'll pull through". However I had a hard time keeping up with Serena on the run home, we live in the same general area. Live and learn I guess, even though I keep learning this same lesson over and over again:) Ah yes, surviving my own idiocies. That pretty much characterizes my first 100-Miler, surviving myself. I made so many mistakes, some of them even before the run started; wrong gear and wrong nutrition. Live and learn.

Speaking of training partners, I was feeling psyched and agreed to run with Stephen tomorrow morning at the crazy time of 5:30AM! What did I get myself into? Even he was surprised when I took him up on his offer. Well it's been awhile since we shared a run together. The last time I ran with Stephen was when he paced me at Miwok, it will be good to catch up with him. He's hard to run with though, the boy is fast. He has to slow down for me. I have no problem giving charity but I have a hard time accepting it - a personal problem. Hopefully Jason can join us, those two usually run in the morning. I've got 4 hours of running tomorrow, might as well get it done early. Because I'm volunteering at the triathlon on Sunday I have to move my workouts one day forward - doable cause work in slow, besides I should be back by 9:30AM.

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  1. Squirt4:13 PM

    Guess we all go through those, with or without the alcohol.
    Just stopping by to say hey and check up on ya since I haven't been here in a little while.
    Today was my first day of summer school (have to take another P.E. credit, so I'm taking it now) and we pretty much just did some "chill" exercise like just walk around the track, play HORSE and whatever. Kind of a sluggish day. Anyway, talk to ya soon and definitely take it easy on the drinking, you beached whale.