Sunday, June 18, 2006

All for One...

And One for All.

So last Friday we had our crew meeting. It went very well. I had no doubt the girls would get along with Jason and Serena had no doubt that we would get along with her friend Lisa. And it all worked out. It was a bit of a late start because Serena and I were late coming back from our run, sorry J, that was the real reason. Thanks for being so gracious. We left late, had to pick up Lisa from the financial district, I had to pick up the food, there was a fire in North Beach in J's neighborhood and parking. It was a bit of a rush especially for me and the food. However by the time I got to J's apartment the ladies were already there and wine was already in glasses...sweet.

We started with the WS movie "Running Madness" and finished up with our meeting. We went over lodging, driving, crewing, pacing, all those tedious details. All three are excited and all three want to pace, I'm a lucky guy. It was at the end of this meeting that I realized that this race was no longer about me. I've been thinking about this race for the last 5 years. I've been trying to get in the last 3 years. This season I've gotten support and respect from friends and strangers alike for attempting this race - most of them don't know I've done 100's before:) But in that meeting, watching their excitement, feeling their desire to be a part of the race I realized that this was more than just about me. Basically what I'm saying is that this upcoming weekend is as much about them as it is about me. As they support and worry about me, I will do my best to support and think about them. As they pace me, I will be pacing them.

I can't guarantee anything in the future but most likely I have many more 100's in me, a few more WS100's, but this time with my first crew will be unique. My main goal is to finish (under 24 hours would be perfect) and make sure we all have a great and safe time.


  1. it is going to be a fun weekend...but make no mistake, this run is all about you. As it should be. We are there to support our friend and help him achieve his him to do his very best.