Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day Everyone!

So it's a laid back day. I've been doing nothing since I got back from my bike ride yesterday; eating and watching movies. It's nice. In a little bit here I should probably do some work (project due before I leave for vacation) and I do have to go to church later but workout wise I am done for the weekend.

Yesterday was an amazing day for a ride and looking out my window it seems the same for today. I was supposed to do a couple of hours of trail running but I decided to save my legs and do a bike ride instead, the calf/achilles thing is still bothering me a bit. Besides it takes me an hour of running asphalt and concrete before I even get to the trail, I would make it to the bridge but then it would be time to turn back.

It turned out to be an amazing ride. It was warm but not hot, there was a breeze but it wasn't windy. There were also a lot of other cyclists out which I enjoy; clubs, teams and individual riders. The temptation to chase other riders was too much, I did a little bit of that on the way out :) but dialed it back down on the way home. My favorite moment was on a quiet road heading towards the Nicasio reservoir. The path was shaded by trees and I was on a slight downhill. Bent over my aerobars and nothing but the hum of the bike underneath me, legs and body at max and the speedometer reading 36 miles an hour, I was flying - swooosshhhh. Speed! I love going fast on my bike. A great day. All in all it turned out to be a 5 hour ride and 75 miles. Even got to see some friends doing their own workout.

This was followed by strectching and an ice bath. Since then t's been nothing but relaxation and escapism since then. More to come. This time next week, if all goes according to plan, I should be a physical wreck - but a happy victorious one.


  1. What's up with that calf?
    23 hr - I am following official 24 hr pace for 40 miles then if all goes well will try and stay strong and pick up time. That's the plan:)

  2. The calf/achilles thing is just stubborn, like the rest of me I guess:) Got a massage Wednesday and the therapist found the strand of damagend muscle, runs down from my calf to the achilles - on both legs! It was the hill repeats, love em to death but they hurt my legs.

    My only goal is under 24h. That's it. Playing it very conservatively this time around, there should be other WS100's in my future.

  3. No snake - but both trail names and endurance term incorporated!
    Sorry about your thingy - I've got soemthing there too, but try not to even think about it:) After all I am always injured somewhere, so I stopped paying attention unless I physically absolutely can NOT run (like first hour with compartment, or when I tore ligamnet, or when I had 4 stress fractures - first week hurt, then I adjusted).