Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Misery Loves Company:)

A personal letter from my friend Olga that I got permission to share.

I, too, can't bring myself to write a report. yesterday I was running
a fever. Today I am bitterly disappointed. Tomorrow I want to run WS

It was a pretty fucked up day. However, it could have been done right
- Ronda did it. No-one to blame. Everybody suffered. It was hard to
watch people drop and been cut off, good solid runners, many elite. We
all had crazy look on our faces and same walk in the last 10 miles or
so - I could just feel their feet on fire.

Shit, man, you train whole year, all goes perfect - and then, bam!
Yeah, yeah, this year's finishers are all winners...but it sucks not
any less, almost like if I DNFed I'd be better off, more excused...

fucking crazy...really. I have no words. I will sit on it for another
day and then write something more cheerful.
- Olga


  1. Tell Steve my personal thanks:) He is right - lets go for a run.