Thursday, June 22, 2006


You know that feeling that comes when you let go of something. I mean completely let go of something. I'm there about the whole heat thing. There is nothing I can do about that and I'm as prepared as I can be for everything else. I was just out for a quick haircut. It's warm out there. If it's warm in SF, it's hot everywhere else. But the sun felt good...I'm ready.

Last night I had my bible study group. After group I handed off some music cd's to a friend, she lived in the same house where we meet. Someone broke into her car a couple of months ago and among the things stolen was her music. Since then I've been giving her some of my mine's. What was supposed to be a quick drop off ended up becoming a one hour conversation. This friend of mine is a strong dedicated practicing Christian woman and some of the things she said last night cut right through. None of it had anything to do with running but just life in general. She made my head spin on a couple of issues and some of it I'll undoubtedly sort through on the trail Saturday. A bit of a gut check. Nevertheless it put me in a good place spiritually. I left bewildered yet laughing literally.

Physical = Check
Mental = Check
Spiritual = Check
I'm ready.

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