Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Good News

Soon as I crossed the finish line I was attended to medically, precautionary stuff. One of the things they did was draw blood for examination. This is what they found.

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Rick--Your sodium was 139 (normal 234-243 mEq/L) and that is perfect. Your CPK is 9500 compared to the average finisher which was 20,851. You had a little muscle injury which should resolve easily with some post-race hydration, ie 8-12 oz of fluids every 4 hours until the urine looks clear and the muscles feel a little better. Congratulations on finishing the WS100 in a really tough year and looking so good with the chemistries!! - Bob Lind, MD

CPK as explained by Tim Twietmeyer
(25 time finisher, all under 24 hours / 5 time champion)
One example of the load on the body is easily measured by blood samples at the finish line. For example, from a blood sample you can measure CPK a marker enzyme that's an indicator of waste products in the blood that has to be flushed by the kidneys. A normal reading of CPK would be between 100 and 200 but it's not unusual to see finishers in a 100-miler in the 25,000 to 100,000 range. We've seen finishers over 200,000 before at Western States. That gives you an idea of the load to the internal part of the body - internal loads of 250-1000 times normal. You better have solid kidneys if you want to excel at 100-milers in the heat.

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