Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In the Heat of the Day

A Brightroom low resolution proof of myself on the WS trail, this was around mile 30. To see the proofs from Brightroom's site click here.

Whoa I actually look like a serious runner here. I should buy this one, not getting any younger and leaner here:) I never ever buy photographs of myself, not in marathons, triathlons, or ultras. But this race is special, completion of a long term goal and all that, so I might just do it.

Seriously I actually look lean and mean on this one, ahahaha that's crazy. Me lean and mean, righhttt... I do love how you can get a sense of the heat in the background though...ooff it looks hot, did I really run in that?!


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    That's an awesome picture. I think you should buy it!


  2. awww...thanks spamsi. I think I will.