Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mt. Diablo 50k

"So, no Diablo this weekend? Trust me, that would be smart, beacause
knowing you, you won't go slow the whole way. I ran once with William
Emerson who pushed exactly 17 miles of the 50M race and then
half-walked the rest - that's was his workout for the day, and he
stuck with it. BTW, he is a constant winner, including well-known
country ultras." - Olga

Ah yes, good advice. Nevertheless I am going! I need the miles and some of that heat. I promise to go slow and easy. Seriously, slow and easy...slow and easy. Besides I miss those guys at Pacific Trail Runs - Sarah and Wendell. One last hard weekend workout before the taper.

Tonight's run was good. Ran with Serena, unfortunately she was having a couple of issues but nothing serious.This was a much better run than say Tuesday at Track. My pace group was led by Janet, J.P.'s girlfriend, that girl led us out hard and kept it going till the 10th 200m repeat. Somebody's been running with J.P.! That hurt a bit. Started out sluggish and it only got marginally better from there. Tonight's run was a lot better and it was followed by Spin class. I've always been able to put together a good workout in Spin no matter how sluggish I've felt. Tonight's workout started out slow but I rocked it. I hit all the target HRM rates and then some without totally exhausting myself. Sweet workout.


  1. Keep your promise:)

  2. I promise, I promise! No speeding down the downhills. No hard running up the mountain. And I promise to socialize more.

  3. you better keep that promise...WS100 is too important to blow on Diablo!!!!!