Friday, June 23, 2006

And I'm Off to Squaw Valley

You can track my progress here on Saturday, click here - my number is 201.

So this is it guys. I am off to Squaw Valley. Today is weigh in, registration and mandatory participants meeting. I meet up with Jason either in Squaw or at the Motel. The girls don't get in until 11PM. Lisa has a job that she can't get the day off from. Then we all leave for the start at 2:30-2:45AM tomorrow morning. My hope is to be at the start by 4AM. Race starts at 5AM sharp. It will be a bear to drive so early and so long but when I finish it will be a quick drive back to motel, when I need it most. If I do this race again, I will have a room at Squaw for the start and then another at Auburn for the finish. That a better way to do it. For next time if there is one.

Well folks, hopefully next time you see me I'll have some good news for you. I for one can't wait to drink coffee again. I switched to de-caf three weeks ago and no coffee at all this past week. It should have a good effect on when I start using it to keep me awake for the night section of this race. Anyway I'm rambling on...see you guys later.


  1. congrats on survival. because you and i know that was about as much as we could do.

  2. Congrats on the finish. I heard it was really tough out there this year and I have several friends who DNF'd (two of them DNF'd at 28.3 miles and were very, VERY disappointed and upset). Nice work on an incredibly tough race!

  3. Thanks both of you. Sorry to hear about your friends Marshall. It was tough out there.

    Olga, sorry you had a bad race as well. Didn't want to ask the gory details knowing I'll get the report on your blog anyway. It was enough just to see you and know we made it.