Tuesday, June 13, 2006


EQ Swimwear Website, one of my favorite projects. It's not live yet, issues...issues...

In work!

My work as a graphic design freelancer/contractor reminds me a lot about a trail race. Sometimes it's nice and steady, sometimes slow and grueling, then sometimes just absolutely friggin' crazy! Guess which part I'm on. I love my job but sometimes it's crazy. Not complaining just...well just taking a breath and exhaling - on my blog.

Back to the grind.


  1. Squirt6:32 PM

    That's awesome.
    Definitely liking the look of it =]
    If I ever become a triathalon-er or swimmer of the sort, you're going to hook a sister up, right? =P Just kidding...we all know I won't end up there...but hey, you never know.

  2. You know it! Take care of that IT band though. If it get's worse you know who to call.