Friday, June 09, 2006

Ready for Devil Mountain

Ready to go...errr at 10PM the night before the race.

Food = Check, Map to Start = Check, Rental Car = Check, Salt Tablets = Check, Clothing = Check, Gear = Check, Signed Up for Race = errr...

* * * * * *
Wendell: Hello
Me: Hi Can I speak to Wendell or Sarah?
Wendell: This is Wendell.
Me: Hi Wendell, it's Rick Gaston, race is not sold out right?!
Wendell: Hey. Nah just come show up.
Me: Whew!

* * * * * *
I was very unexcited for this race until I saw the roster for the 50k entrants. My good friend Brian Wyatt will be there. I love chasing after Brian Wyatt, just like in Ohlone, Miwok and Quad Dipsea. Crap....NO RACING TOMORROW! This isn't going to be fun, but who said training always has to be fun right?


  1. Squirt4:27 AM

    Well, while you're running...I'll be taking the ACT -_- for about 4 hours. Isn't that great?! Agh ah well. After a year of this, I'll actually be done with those stupid tests. Good luck on your race and try not to pass out or anything.

  2. So, have you been a good boy?

  3. freak. hope you had a good race. ready for the full report next week.

  4. I've been very good!

  5. nice you sleep in your race gear all ready to go?

  6. You know I should, what a great idea. Out of bed ready to go.