Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Break

My cousin Rose and her two adorable children. I'll be seeing them on my trip after WS.

Okay enough WS for now. Too much...too much thinking about myself and the race. So after WS I have one week to finish up/hand off projects, pay bills, pack, recover from the race, celebrate birthdays (Serena and Janet), catch up with people, and a ton of other stuff before I head to the Philippines for a 3 week vacation. It's been 2.5 years since I've been back and it's time. I try not to schedule vacations in the summer, long ones anyway, they are so disruptive to my work and training. However I didn't think I could hold out for another year, thus the summer trip. My mother's family lives in a small province in the South. The trick will be to keep my training up. There will be lots of celebrating, lots of good food and a whole lot of doing nothing important. It'll be tough!:) The best perk? massages are cheap but be careful of the questionable places.

Anyway the pic is of my cousin Rose and her children. She and her siblings have been the closest thing I had to brother and sisters growing up. We were very close and we are closer now. Funny thing is Rose and I always fought. I remember very clearly the night I ambushed her in a dark hallway when we were kids. I waited for her to pass and I pushed a bunch of 2 x4's that were leaned up against the wall her way. Yeah I know, evil. She ended up crying and ice for the bump on her head. It still brings a smile to my face when I retell the story to her and friends, much to her chagrin:) She got me back in other ways.

When Rose found out I would be getting in to Manila at midnight and sleeping at the airport overnight to catch the first flight out to my home province she would have none of it. I will be picked up by a driver, shuttled to a nice comfy bed. Now I'm looking forward to a morning playtime with the kids, having a good lunch, maybe a massage to workout the kinks of a 14 hr flight, hangout in Manila for a bit then catch a more reasonable 4PM flight to my grandmother's. Nice to have family.

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