Monday, June 12, 2006

Feeling Much Better

What the hell was that yesterday!? It's things like that, that throw me off. That came out of nowhere. Why did I feel like a dozen ultra-runners trampled me on the way to the top of the mountain? If it was the heat then I guess I know how I will be feeling the day after WS:)

Last year the day after the Cascade Crest 100-miler, a 28-hour effort on my part, I was able to run/sprint from car rental return to the ticket counter and then again to my gate. I was really, really late for my flight but my body was just fine. This year I've been doing a lot of back to back hard efforts in the weekends. Say a 4-5 hour run on Sat, then a 7 hour run on Sun or maybe a 3 hour run on Sat then a race on Sun. Yesterday I felt sick after only having run 31 miles the day before and I'm peak shape now...boggles my mind. It must be the heat but really it wasn't that hot.

Something for me to think about I guess.


  1. overtraining. you are ready, it's normal. stop worrying. rest.

  2. oh, and i got a tattoo, mister too-busy-designer!

  3. Right, weren't you going to show me the design?