Thursday, June 15, 2006


This past Tuesday at track I got some attention due to the fact that I'm running WS. Friends told friends and even the coach mentioned something in the pre-workout meeting. So now I even get attention from people I don't know. It's flattering to be sure but now I'm thinking, "Damn I better finish this race". The pressure!...ahahaha. I've been at this ultra thing for 5 years and this is the most attention I've gotten for a single race...well it is WS. And yes there's also Dean Karnazes' book.

Today I was out photocopying pages from the WS manual for my crew. Tonight I still have to lookup and print Mapquest directions and a bunch of other miscellany stuff for our crew meeting tomorrow. We are meeting at Jason's on North Beach after work...very cool. Thanks J for agreeing to host. It still blows my mind that I have 3 people willing to help me. I've never had a crew and up until Miwok I've never had a pacer. The previous two hundred milers that I've done, those were all solo. I had drop bags (bag's of gear and supplies prepared by the runner that's delivered to different points along the course) and I made friends with the other participants. But now, now I have a crew and at least two of them want to pace. Wow, besides the actual physical help that they can give me with my gear, food and all that, it would be such a huge psychological lift to see them throughout the race. What really makes me laugh though is that they are all new friends...really. I've been at this ultra thing for 5 years but only now have I found people who are excited enough to come. Well I know it's not just me, it's also the race...yes, yes WS and all that. Let's see, Jason I've known a year. Serena I've known like 3 months and I've never met her friend Lisa. Also Jason has never met Serena and Lisa. Pretty crazy.

I hope they have a good time while helping me out. I have to think of an appropriate gift for all of them. Man, I really, really need to bring home a finish for this race, what with all the attention and help I'm getting.


  1. When Jason agreed to pace/crew me for first Miwok I've only met him once:)
    Crew/pacers are great because of moral boost. And make you feel guilty as they are here - you better run well!

  2. Oh no pressure from you too:)! I'll hustle best as I can. Hey do you have your 23 hour pace chart?