Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Am Spent!!!

I was fine during the race. I was fine after the race, in fact I ran the hills back to my apartment from the car rental agency. But this morning I got up and felt totally zapped. An hour after getting out of bed, I had a headache that seemed to pulse right behind my left eye coupled with some nausea. So after choking down a couple of Ibuprofen's and a cup of decaf I went straight back to bed. I've felt better after 100-milers. Didn't get up until 2:30PM. Ate a bunch of food, including two big slices of chocolate cake with milk mmmm... At 4 o'clock I was out the door headed for church, felt very sluggish, slow and stiff. After church it was more food with friends and a going away party where I choked down more food amid several glasses of red wine. It's almost midnight now and the best I've felt all day.

I think it was the heat, maybe I was even a bit dehydrated but it wasn't all that hot during the race and I drank like a fish all day. Damn that Devil Mountain!

Did I keep my promise? Absolutely! Ran at 75-80% for most of the race. I ran 2/3 of the race with the girl who eventually came in first. Her pace was exactly where I needed to be and teaming up with her was the smartest thing I did on this race. We were the same type of runner; slow starter, average on the uphills and fast on the downhills.

Report to come, unfortunately no pictures. My memory card was corrupted and I lost all my images. Bummer but I'm glad to find that out now instead of Western.

Thanks to all who checked up on me!


  1. i know how you feel:) rest up

  2. yeah, rest up!!!!